Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bras, Marshmallows and Star Wars

This is a bit of a random blog post- but sometimes I come across a few things I feel are worth sharing with you, even though none of them really merits a dedicated blog post of it's own. So here it is, a hotchpotch of shameless self-promotion and internet goodies I found this week!

Here's a moodboard I created for one of the new Freya ranges, and whadda ya know? I was picked as one of their Blog Star finalists! So if you'd like to see me blogging a bit for the Freya folk and winning lots of lovely free bras, then please vote for me here! I'm afraid the blurb I wrote has come out sounding a bit twee, but I was just consciously trying not to write about bras from a sexy angle, as most days what I want from a bra is something comfortable and pretty rather than some flimsy Sex Goddess get-up.

My boyfriend showed me this Marshmallow experiment video- apparently they originally did this test on kids back in the 70s, then checked on them 15 years later and guess what- those who had the will power to hold out for delayed gratification when they were kids were the ones who went on to become successful adults.

Once in a while something like this comes along that makes me glad I have younger siblings with terrible taste in music-this means I was already familiar with the travesty that is 'Call me Maybe' when I came across this epic remix. You can just imagine a couple of ultimate Star Wars geeks sitting there going ' I KNOW that Leia says 'maybe' somewhere in Return of the Jedi!' Bless.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Nothing gets me as excited as when creatives I love work together- here's a dreamy collaboration between one of my favourite jewellery designers, BloodMilk and fashion label Ovate for the collection 'Mare Frigoris'. Best yet, the results of the collaboration were photographed by one of my all time favourite photographers, Ellen Rogers. If you read my blog regularly, you'll know I already have a bit of a thing for mermaids, so this collection is right up my street! This Seahorse spyglass is my favourite piece- read all about its creation here.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Give Girls Power

Whilst I normally enjoy the thought of my blog being a bit of an indulgence-something you might read on your lunch break or after work in front of the TV- I'm afraid I need to ask for your attention for something more serious than my usual musings.
Last night I attended an evening with Save the Children, hosted by the brilliant Zoe Williams. There we watched a couple of videos about how family planning saves lives- did you know that every year 50,000 young girls die in pregnancy or childbirth simply because they're too young to be bearing children? And the inability to control how many children they have or when they have them means that many of their babies also die from malnutrition. Watching videos of girls who are still children themselves being married off and made mothers before they even know the facts of the life was heartbreaking. This video of children in rural areas of Ethiopia really brought tears to my eyes.

Here are some of our reactions after watching the videos last night, and meeting some young girls from Ethiopia.

And finally a video that illustrates how much we take family planning for granted in this country- how different would all our lives be if we hadn't been taught the facts of life? Or had access to contraception?The family planning summit is tomorrow- we desperately need world leaders to commit to giving girls power- not only access to contraceptives without judgement, but also full sex education so that they can grow up making their own informed decisions about their lives. Please take two minutes to sign this petition, and we'll be tweeting at 11am UK time tomorrow to get David Cameron's attention (Use the hashtag #givegirlspower). Thankyou so much for taking the time to help this cause. xxxxx

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Festival Fashion 2012

I'm off to my first festival at the end of this week, so I thought I'd pull together a few of my dream festival fashion purchases (as well as some more realistic options).

Dream Essentials:
Liberty print lined Barbour
Though this is pricey (Tip: I recently got exactly this style, brand new for half the price on ebay) a good Barbour will last you for life if you look after it. And sadly, you really do need a serious coat at festivals- getting cold and wet is no fun at all, however great your outfit looks. I have always hated wearing coats over outfits I love, but with this one you get to flash the lovely Liberty print rose lining.
 I also like this ASOS bright yellow mac that reminds me of coats we used to wear when we were kids.
Hunter wellies are my other luxury essential item- they now even have a whole 'festival welly' section on their website with all sorts of boots jazzed up with everything from studs to metallic paint.

Dream luxury items:
Anything from One Vintage

If I were loaded and a size 8, then all my clothes would look like this. Their hand customised vintage tunics are absolutely ideal for wearing over denim cut-offs to festivals. A girl can dream....

If you don't have time to customise your own shorts, ASOS Marketplace means that it's never been easier to get someone else to do it for you. ChinaPig sell a range of gorgeous, festival-ready denim cut-offs that you'll be reluctant to sit on, they're so pretty-this pair are £50.

In this very rubbish i-phone shot you can see a vintage dress I've been customising with fake flowers for Gabby Young.


Bloom Theory Camera Straps- perfect for us bloggers who always have a camera in hand and need to be sure we don't drop them in the mud! These straps won't ruin your outfit the way standard issue, chunky black straps do. Found via Cellardoor magazine.

Merrimaking- the guys who originally started the whole animal hood craze- have now branched out into other funky accessories. Bumbags may never be cool, but a watermelon shaped one for carrying your phone and money in at festivals is practical and fun.

This headpiece is from ASOS Marketplace too- a seller called Grandma's Swag, only £18.

Also keep an eye out for our lovely friend Rosa Bloom (above) who'll be selling her amazing wears at many a festival this summer- her carnival-esque stall is hard to miss, so rock up and relax on her chaise longue!

 So far this year, I'm booked in for Nova Festival, Standon Calling ( where I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Mary Epworth, who I just interviewed here) and Burning Man in Nevada. What festivals are you going to? If you're still making up your mind, you'll find some good recommendations for alternative festivals here

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