Sunday, 22 July 2012

Bras, Marshmallows and Star Wars

This is a bit of a random blog post- but sometimes I come across a few things I feel are worth sharing with you, even though none of them really merits a dedicated blog post of it's own. So here it is, a hotchpotch of shameless self-promotion and internet goodies I found this week!

Here's a moodboard I created for one of the new Freya ranges, and whadda ya know? I was picked as one of their Blog Star finalists! So if you'd like to see me blogging a bit for the Freya folk and winning lots of lovely free bras, then please vote for me here! I'm afraid the blurb I wrote has come out sounding a bit twee, but I was just consciously trying not to write about bras from a sexy angle, as most days what I want from a bra is something comfortable and pretty rather than some flimsy Sex Goddess get-up.

My boyfriend showed me this Marshmallow experiment video- apparently they originally did this test on kids back in the 70s, then checked on them 15 years later and guess what- those who had the will power to hold out for delayed gratification when they were kids were the ones who went on to become successful adults.

Once in a while something like this comes along that makes me glad I have younger siblings with terrible taste in music-this means I was already familiar with the travesty that is 'Call me Maybe' when I came across this epic remix. You can just imagine a couple of ultimate Star Wars geeks sitting there going ' I KNOW that Leia says 'maybe' somewhere in Return of the Jedi!' Bless.

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