Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Give Girls Power

Whilst I normally enjoy the thought of my blog being a bit of an indulgence-something you might read on your lunch break or after work in front of the TV- I'm afraid I need to ask for your attention for something more serious than my usual musings.
Last night I attended an evening with Save the Children, hosted by the brilliant Zoe Williams. There we watched a couple of videos about how family planning saves lives- did you know that every year 50,000 young girls die in pregnancy or childbirth simply because they're too young to be bearing children? And the inability to control how many children they have or when they have them means that many of their babies also die from malnutrition. Watching videos of girls who are still children themselves being married off and made mothers before they even know the facts of the life was heartbreaking. This video of children in rural areas of Ethiopia really brought tears to my eyes.

Here are some of our reactions after watching the videos last night, and meeting some young girls from Ethiopia.

And finally a video that illustrates how much we take family planning for granted in this country- how different would all our lives be if we hadn't been taught the facts of life? Or had access to contraception?The family planning summit is tomorrow- we desperately need world leaders to commit to giving girls power- not only access to contraceptives without judgement, but also full sex education so that they can grow up making their own informed decisions about their lives. Please take two minutes to sign this petition, and we'll be tweeting at 11am UK time tomorrow to get David Cameron's attention (Use the hashtag #givegirlspower). Thankyou so much for taking the time to help this cause. xxxxx


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