Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Gifford's Circus: my first Lomokino film

I'd like to thank you all for being patient with me since I was given a Diana F camera at Christmas, and hope you've enjoyed my first attempts at mastering my lomography camera. I was, however, also given a lomokino which I've been dying to try out but waiting for the right opportunity. This presented itself when my little sister Phi signed up to intern at Gifford's Circus, a wonderful, vintage style troupe who travel around the Cotswolds every summer with what Vogue has called 'possibly the greatest show on earth.' My family have lived in a local village since the very first year Nell and Toti Gifford started the circus, and we've been every year without fail, it really is the highlight of our summer. So we were thrilled when one of our family got to work with the Giffords- whose family now also includes Nell and Toti's gorgeous twins, Red and Cecil- you can see adorable photos of them on Nell's backstage blog here (and sometimes they appear in the shows, when they're in the right mood!)

Anyway, I hope you like my first attempt at a lomokino film- I need to find some crackly, silent movie style sound effects to set it to, but I leave to go on holiday on Wednesday for a month so was worried about getting this post up in time for you to read it before the circus season ends- you can still get tickets for shows til mid September here. Huge apologies for cutting the tight-rope walker's head off in my little film- it's quite hard to keep still!

My sister Phi being an usherette

The Victorians- the only animals you'll see at Giffords are horses, dogs, doves and a couple of geese- no exotic animals or scary clowns, only Tweedy, an adorable Charlie Chaplin-esque clown.

My youngest sister Florrie wearing a Gifford's  rosette and my brother Jack, right.
Phi again, selling Gifford's merchandise

Red and Cecil's tiny pony Tom!

Nancy performing with her doves.

Phi in action!

Nell comes from a family of super talented ladies, including her sister Emma Bridgewater, whose beautiful painted ceramics i'm sure you'll recognise- they line the tables of the tent you can have dinner in after the show- this is what I did for my 21st birthday party. (quite a few years ago.....!)

Last year, one of my all time favourite photographers Ellen von Unwerth did an incredible shoot with Giffords for my all time favourite magazine, Lula- I was one happy bunny.
I hope you get a chance to visit the circus, though I do warn you, you might fancy running away with them!

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