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Eat Your Heart Out - the Morgue Years

Medical illustrator Emily Evans poses with an assortment of Eat Your Heart Out delicacies- leotard by Simon Preen, muscle leggings by Black Milk and wig from Annabelle's Wigs.

I've always been a fan of Miss Cakehead's work- she comes up with brilliantly creative ideas for all sorts of companies - I once spent a night (well, most of it..) in the Alcatraz prison she created for J J Abram's TV series. We've been meaning to work together on a shoot for ages, but our dates kept clashing, until suddenly she needed to pull together some images for this year's Eat Your Heart Out, her infamous 18+ rated cake shop. The images for the 2010 event went viral, with over 35 million views to date, so there was a considerable amount of pressure on us to create some really sensational's what we achieved! (The squeamish should probably not read on...)

Emily again, this time with a real brain saw we were loaned for the shoot!

This year's Eat Your Heart is all about anatomy- the cakes are curated by Miss Cakehead and Carla Connolly, pathologist at St Barth's Pathology Museum. The event aims to educate people about various pathologies, with profits going to the museum. Some of the cakes and cookies illustrate things like the difference between a lung with cancer and without, or you can buy a batch of STD cupcakes to out the feat of God into your teenage brother..
For anything to do with the educational aspect of the event, the lecture series, or St Bart’s pathology museum please contact co-curator Carla Connolly on

Here's Miss Cakehead, the creative director of EYHO, eating a marshmallow brain from Conjurer's Kitchen. Wearing leather hooded top by Rachel Freire, and skeleton leotard by Black Milk. Wig from Annabelle's Wigs.

Despite being pulled together at the very last minute and with no budget, the shoot was one of the most  fun and relaxed I've worked on- photographer Nathan Pask was just brilliant to work with- super professional but totally realistic in his expectations given how tight a time frame I'd had in which to pull some samples together. Everyone was really flexible and we just worked with what we had. It's fun styling non-models as they don't take themselves too seriously- as you can see from the final cake-fight shots where Emily and Miss Cakehead got a bit carried away...! Emily is a medical illustrator and senior demonstrator of anatomy at Cambridge university- anatomy fans will love her site. It was great to work with Carla and Emily; both stunning, intelligent women who are experts in a field dominated by men. In what feels like it has been a rough month or so for feminism in the media, it was heartening to see a couple of women succeeding at doing what they want. If you're interested in becoming a pathologist, you can attend a talk on 27th October-Pathology, not a dead end job; careers in anatomy, pathology and medicine, plus other lectures, all details here.
Another huge help was having my fellow blogger and friend Lucy Nichols assist me- she was a pleasure to work with and a dab hand with prop styling, plus a life-saver when it came to collections and returns, which every stylist knows is the worst part of the job.
Huge thanks also to the PRs and designers who loaned pieces to me at such short notice.

As above

Carla , pathologist at St Barth's, wearing all Rachel Freire except bustle and shoes. Headpiece by George Jenkins. Fleshcake by Leshie Loves Cake

Emily with chocolate skull from Two Little Cats Bakery. Wearing Rachel Freire jumpsuit, just seen.

Early entry tickets for EYHO are sold out, but you can still come along, you just might have to queue!
For bigger items such as marshmallow brains and solid chocolate skulls, you can order in advance here.
You can see the full menu, including prices here.
The event is 26th-28th October, 11am-6pm at St Barth's Pathology Museum.

Miss Cakehead in gilet by Emma Griffiths. Lung cancer cookie and giant cigarette by Natasha Collins. I used red lace and balloons to try and create the illusion of her guts spilling out!

All images:
Photographer: Nathan Pask 
Photo assistants: Andras Bartok, George Newton
Wardrobe Stylist: Katie Antoniou 
Stylist assistant: Lucy Nicholls 
Make-up Artist: Emma Alexandra Watts
Hair Stylist: Holly Rudge
With thanks to Steph at SNAP studios.

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