Friday, 11 January 2013

A Rare Post

Hello everyone and Happy 2013! How were your holidays?
This is a rare little post I'm writing as it includes A PHOTO OF ME (SHOCK!) and some pimping of a few brands I've had really good experiences with recently. If you know my blog then you'll be aware that I don't often write about brands and I hardly ever do outfit posts, but before Christmas I was stuck for something to wear to the Kensington Palace Midwinter Ball, when Amy WolfWhistle recommended Wish Want Wear. I'd seen a photo of Amy in a dress borrowed from the company, and I wanted to wear exactly the same one- luckily they had it in my size and kindly lent it to me- see the photo above! I think borrowing dresses for special occasions is a brilliant idea- I'd rather spend £50 or so hiring a really special dress every now and then than keep buying high street dresses that I wear once and am then bored of, resulting in an overflowing wardrobe that I have to constantly empty out and put on ebay!
 I was also working on the ball- I helped curate some of the acts and did the PR for it; I hope to get to work on the midsummer ball this year too; the gardens are so beautiful at Kensington Palace, I think it'll be a great party.

Secondly, I've been meaning to write about this pair of boots since last fashion week when Ugg kindly gifted those of us with Handpicked Media a pair each. Yes- they are UGGS! Who'd have thought it?! They are so comfy as they are still lined with the trademark sheepskin, but they look gorgeous and go with everything. They've actually become my default shoes for DJing, as I can stand up for hours in them without my feet hurting, whereas I normally give up on heels after about 20 minutes. You can currently buy this style in the sale on Coggles- one of my favourite online shopping destinations. Their Sunday Supplement is, in my opinion, one of the best company newsletters out there, with great photos, gorgeous recipes and interesting articles.

As I get older I've started caring more about spending money on good quality skincare. I recently discovered La Roche Posay which is made with antioxidant thermal spring water. It doesn't include any of the nasties that are sometimes hidden in cheap skin products, in fact they have a whole hospital dedicated to dermatological research in France. They've even designed special packaging which keeps all the air out of the containers so no germs can get in at all. I don't have particularly sensitive skin, but I do have greasy skin and I get breakouts regularly- but La Roche Posay is perfect for that too. I've always had problems finding sunscreens that don't make my skin really greasy, but the Anthelios range is great- I wore it in the Caribbean last year and already have a bottle ready for my holiday next month. 
I actually went home at Christmas to find my sister's bathroom full of La Roche Posay and Vichy products- she does have very sensitive skin and had found that they were the only two brands that worked for her, without realising that they were related!(Vichy uses thermal spa water). I've recommended to her one of La Roche Posay's newest products which is set to become a real cult buy- Cicaplast baume which is kind of like Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream in that it can be used for everything, but it's not as thick or greasy. It's the absolute perfect product for when you're travelling light as it will work for everything from moisturising your face, to fixing dry skin patches and even as aftersun.
I'm also looking forward to trying their new BB cream as I've been looking for one which has an SPF but doesn't make my skin greasy, they only have a couple of shades out at the moment so fingers crossed one is a match for me.

I hope you've found this post interesting; if you've got any Christmas money to spend it might have given you some ideas! Other places I'd recommend for sale indulgence include Hush (especially if we are about to have a chilly few weeks) and the Illamasqua sale for some fabulous reductions on their professional quality make-up. 
I've recently joined Instagram- please follow me if you want to see random snaps of what I'm up to. I'm pretty excited about getting through this pile of books and DVDs I got for Christmas- what did you get and give this year? I gave one of my sisters this Holistic silk yoga mat and my youngest sister got a hula-hoop from me, made by Anna Hulagan. I feel bad that I didn't get around to doing a christmas gift guide, but if you're interested in the sort of thing I was getting for people you can check out my pinterest board here. I actually have 2 family birthdays in January, so the shopping isn't over!


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You look so wonderful in our dress!

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