Friday, 17 May 2013

All wrapped up in Casablanca

 Here's the final post on my trip to Morocco- I probably should have started with a map like the one above (from the movie Casablanca) to show you where we went- you can see both Casablanca and Rabat on the north coast of Morocco. I can't resist sharing a few more stills from the movie- if you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for? It's the ultimate classic.

Ingrid Bergman's clothes are so beautiful- I'm a huge fan of her headwear. Morocco is actually a very relaxed Islamic country, so there's no pressure to cover your head, but I actually love to wear hats, turbans and headscarves on holiday; partly because I love the vintage style, and partly because I have very fine hair and get a sunburnt scalp very easily. With my new short hairdo, it's also really useful to cover up my hair when it's newly washed and I've put it in pincurls.
Here's a photo of my style icon Elizabeth Taylor wearing a very chic headwrap.

And here's me at the Magazan beach resort, actually just outside Casablanca. Below I'm relaxing at the Sofitel in Rabat, wearing a vintage turban and a playsuit by Traffic People.

Here are a couple of my lomography photographs from the trip- taken on my Diana F.
Below are some of the lovely bloggers from the trip- Alex, Kate, Kate and Lela, outside the incredible Hassan II mosque.

And here are some headscarves that are on my wishlist!

Swimming Pool silk scarf from Culture Label.
Heirloom silk scarf- recognise Mary from Downton Abbey?!

Silken Favours- I love their whole collection.

 And finally, here's a lomokino film I shot in the souk in Rabat- it was very hard to keep a steady hand as it was really packed!
You can see a few more of my lomography shots over on the Freya blog too.

I was a guest of the Moroccan Tourism board and Royal Air Maroc- with thanks to Sofitel Casablanca and Rabat, and the Magazan Beach Resort.
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