Saturday, 29 June 2013

1950s Frocks

Floral print gown Juno Says Hello

As promised- here are a few of my favourite options for vintage gowns online at the moment- Juno Says Hello is a great vintage supplier, who also hires out some of her dresses. 
Hamptons silk dress Juno Says Hello

Adored Vintage is a wonderful vintage shop in the States- I love their blog too. I haven't bought from them before, but when I once mentioned interest in purchasing one of their dresses, they did mention that you can split payments over a couple of months, which is really useful for some of the spendier dresses. If I were to get married, I would want one of their gorgeous Edwardian dresses.
Lemon prom dress, Juno Says Hello 

1950s wiggle dress Timeless Vixen Vintage

Timeless Vixen Vintage is an incredible site in the States- they really have the most stunning collection of 1950s gowns.

1950s gown Timeless Vixen Vintage

1950s beaded floral lace dress, Timeless Vixen Vintage
Other great vintage stockists in the UK include Atelier-Mayer, WilliamVintage who currently has a pop-up in Selfridges, Merchant Archive, Penny Dreadful Vintage and Advantage in Vintage on ebay.
Of course it's hard to find a lovely vintage dress when you're a curvy size 14, so I often have to resort to replica vintage, or vintage-inspired styles. For the last ball at the palace, I loaned this dress from WishWantWear and loved it- so for the ball in July I'm considering borrowing this one. You can see more about the ball here- I hope you can come!

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Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Oh thanks so much for the mention! Vintage shopping when you are size 14 (or more) is hard isn't it. I do my best as a seller to find larger sizes (and not just so I can wear them myself), but it is a continual struggle.

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