Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Month of May

The end of April and the month of May are full of birthday celebrations in my family- starting off with my sister Sophia's at the end of April. This year she turned 21 and had a lovely birthday dinner at my parent's holiday flat in the Cotswolds. It's located in a beautiful old stately home that's now been divided up into flats- we had a wonderful meal in the orangery above. My sister Phi managed to find a replica of the dress from 'How to lose a guy in 10 days' on ebay- she looked incredible in it. And I made her a headdress out of flowers from the garden! Apologies for the lousy quality of some of these pictures- it was a bit too dark for my ipad!

We're incredibly lucky to have access to this beautiful property- it's a gorgeous place to get away from it all- truly in the middle of nowhere. There IS a bus stop in the village but the bus only comes once a week! Some of the flats are available to rent- but that's probably only practical to do if you have a car! My mum is also in the process of doing up our flat so one day we'll be able to rent that out - will keep you posted.

Phi and our brother Jack.

Our other sister Florrie!It was then her birthday on 3rd May.

My sister and me- my dress was also a vintage find from ebay!

This was the necklace my parents got Phi for her 21st- it's a gorgeous vintage charm necklace sourced by the wonderful Annina Vogel. She'd been sourcing the right charms for it for a few months under instruction from my mum- so there were charms that corresponded with all areas of my sister's life, from ballet shoes (she's a dancer) to scales (she's studying law). I honestly can't think of a better present!

So May was a month of a cake- which meant I was actually quite relieved that I missed out on the gorgeous Patisserie Valerie cake Phi got (above) as I had to get back to London. I made the cake below for my boyfriend's birthday on the 2nd May- it turned out a touch more effeminate than I'd planned, but it was still delicious! I used this recipe for the cake- though my layers didn't really work- and then got the idea for decoration here.

My boyfriend then got me this Snow White cake for my birthday- I'd seen it in a cake shop in Dalston months ago and said it was my dream cake! However, I'm not going to link to the bakery, as it actually turned out to be a bit of a disappointment taste-wise, and from what I gather I think it was pretty expensive too!

On my actual birthday I spent the day at Porchester Bath Spas, and then went on to have a birthday champagne tea at The Haymarket hotel with my mum. All the food was delicious, but I thought the scones were particularly good. Just when we thought we couldn't eat anymore, they also brought me a special extra slice of cake with a candle! I was caked-out by the end of the day!
At the weekend my boyfriend and I went to stay at the Pelirocco hotel in Brighton- we've stayed there before and love the themed bedrooms; this time we had the 'Soul' room which included a retro record player and a load of vinyl. 

So now May is over, I've JUST about got back to my pre-birthdays weight and the house is finally free of cake- I actually used the sponge from my Snow White cake to make great cake-pops. Summer diet starts now...!

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