Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cornwall Road Trip with Free People

A few years ago, I posted about Free People, an American brand I'd come across and fallen for. Good news! They now also have a dedicated UK site, and they're taking a road trip round Cornwall to celebrate the last of the summer sun in style. They'll be serving up morning yoga, hair-braiding, live music and more, all accompanied by the obligatory VW campervan. 

Here are some of my favourite looks from the site at the moment- I'm a huge fan of maxi skirts, especially for British summer weather. I usually just hitch mine up if it's sunny enough to get my legs out! In fact, I was at a lovely countryside wedding a couple of weekends ago where I wore a maxi dress. At one point in the evening a fellow guest said to me, ' Wow- your dress is amazing! Is it adjustable so it can be different lengths?' To which I simply replied- ' Er.. no, I've tucked it in my pants.' Oh, the glamour.
Sheer delight lace kaftan- some FP pieces can seem a bit pricey to me, until I consider that I would probably happily get married in this dress, which would make it a BARGAIN.
And finally, here are some pics I took of my family in Cornwall back in 2008. Please bear in mind I wasn't really snapping these with my blog in mind, so the quality isn't super. I also may get into serious trouble from the kids, who are obviously all much older now! We were determined to do the traditional, retro Cornwall trip and stayed in a VW Campervan. Let's just say, I would not recommend it for a family of 6.....! We still had a blast though, and the kids all still go every summer to surf.


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