Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Fashion Low-Down

Here's a little low-down from me on the ones to watch in the fashion world; some of these names are involved with London Fashion Week, some aren't, but either way, I think they're set for big things. The circus that is LFW can be an incredibly expensive process to be involved in, so many emerging designers and creatives actually steer clear of it entirely. Other industry professionals like make-up artists and photographers are just as influential in shaping the coming trends, but don't always get the same credit as designers, so I've tried to include some of them too.
The Photographers
Paulina Otylie Surys- Paulina's work harkens back to an age of sensuality and decadence- her set ups are reminiscent of classical paintings, but always featuring work by brilliant new designers. Her use of real film and colour tinting is a welcome relief for the photoshop generation.

From Garden of Earthly Delights in Thr British Journal of Photography fashion issue- a shoot that features brilliant designers like with hair by legendary Nina Butkovich-Budden, styled by Tara st Hill. See the series exhibited here until April.
Kirsty Mitchell- There seems to be no end to the talents of this photographer who also makes all the costumes and set pieces in her elaborate, fairytale compositions. Check out the Wonderland series which has a heartwarming backstory. Read the rest of Kirsty's blogfor indepth features on how her images are painstakingly created.
Wendy Bevan is something of a wonderkid- actress, singer (check out her band Temper Temper) and incredibly talented photographer, this shot is from a recent shoot in Vogue Italia. 
Ellen Rogers is another photography wizzkid who uses old school methods to create her otherworldly aesthetic. I love how her compositions often echo Julia Margaret Camerons' work.

The Models
Naomi Shimada- Naomi is technically a plus-size model, which in real life means she has a totally kick-ass figure. And her face ain't bad either. I love that her tumblr is full of pics of her eating REAL food. Carbs and everything.

Photos by Rachell Smith, styling Avigail Claire, MUA Laurey Simmons in Lovecat magazine

Skye Victoria: Unlike many models, Skye has a truly individual face. Combined with her abundant red tresses, we think she's going to a face of the future- I already love the work she's done for Emma Griffiths and Ada Zanditon.
I'm also a huge fan of British legend Erin O'Conner who's doing fantastic work throughAll Walks Beyond the Catwalk- campaigning for better representation of all ages, sizes and skin colours in the fashion industry.

The Make-up artist
Monica Storrs- this photo shows one of Monica's looks; depicted on the make-up artist herself. Not only is she quite the looker, she's super lovely and has worked with the likes of Alice Temperley.
The Family- The Lau girls are a staple sight at LFW; Susie arguably pioneered the whole fashion blogging movement, whilst Elizabeth is a fantastic designer and Louisa has her own online magazine Lust and Found. Here they are wearing Elizabeth's designs for her collaboratins with ASOS.
Heads and Toes
Making a marijuana leaf crown for Lady Gaga officially makes you designer royalty- we are anticipating the rise and rise of Lara Jensen. Whilst headpieces seem to be her speciality, she also extends her talents to jewellery (her golden maggot rings are gloriously macabre) and costume pieces. Catch her headware on the catwalk for Ryan Lo and Ekaterina Kukhareva this season.
I'm also loving Lady of the Flowers- a side project from Harriet of Bright Young Twinsfame. Self-proclaimed 'vintage creeps with questionable taste' BYT drift around graveyards in Victorian smocks and Edwardian petticoats, crowned in gorgeous wreaths of flowers, proving that real vintage never goes out of fashion.
Fred Butler is an old favourite of mine and a staple on the LFW scene- this year she even has her own pop-up. Above is a snap from Fred's instagram feed (well worth a follow) showing her new collection shoes by Rosy Nicholas, footwear genius extraordinaire.

Another instagram shot pinched here from Young British Designers, a great site for up and coming talent. This shot is of Joanne Stoker heels for Eudon Choi's show- follow YBD's instagram here.
The Sites
There are an overwhelming number of sites around trying to cover LFW- it can be hard to know where to look. ShowStudio is one of our favourite internet destinations for great discussions and live streaming of everything from magazine shoots to catwalk shows.
Amelia's Magazine almost single handedly revived the role of illustration in the fashion press- her site is full of illustrators' interpretations of shots from the catwalk.
Some of our favourite illustrators? Danielle Meder, Zarina Liew and Emma Block -we love Emma's style icon prints. She's illustrating for the lovely Betty Magazine this season and said to us:
' I think it's fantastic that fashion illustration is returning to mainstream magazines. It's refreshing and I think people really like it. At LFW everyone responds to everything instantly, tweeting and instagramming everything as soon as it happens, and it can all blur into one. It's nice to take a step back and respond to a show in a more personal way, taking a bit of time to create an illustration that captures something essential about it.'
Access Fashion is run by stylist Sabina Emrit- her multi-tasking work ethic means she's a great source of fashion news, from the latest trends on the catwalk to the next big names in the music industry- she's currently styling next-big-thing Jetta whose music I've been a fan of for a while now.
The Hot Spots
Hotels around the Somerset House area make the most of the influx of fashion fans by running themed perks- there are Martini Movies at One Aldwych and Front Row Cocktails at St Martin's Lane's uber cool Light Bar until 3am with DJs at the weekends. Apartment 58 is the new members' club of choice for thr fashion crowd- applications consideredhere.
The Designers
Ryan Lo is showing as part of Fashion East- with headpieces by Lara Jensen, who I mentioned before. Read about Ryan's work on Susie's blog here.
Ziad Ghanem is renowned not only for making exceptional clothes, but for putting on catwalk shows and presentations as theatrical and dramatic as his designs. he also uses a wonderfully diverse collection of models, as you can see here.
Vivienne Westwood has long reigned supreme over the British catwalks, but now she's set to rule the stage too with her collaboration with English National Ballet- what a way to rebrand. If you're interested in more amazing costumes, check out Rapunzel at Sadler's Wells- with costumes by Michele Clapton whose beautiful work you may know from Game of Thrones.
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