Thursday, 13 February 2014

Say it with flowers...

Call me old fashioned, but I am always happy to be given flowers or chocolates- for Valentine's Day, birthdays or even Christmas, these gifts work because they're lovely little indulgences that you don't normally treat yourself to.
 Now, add a bottle of rum to the equation, and you've got one kick-ass present; Kraken Rum have done just this by giving away flowers and booze in their pop-up 'Think Ink' florist.
The link, of course, is between the inky black flowers and the ink produced by the legendary kraken monster- the shop is bedecked in tentacles and giant eyeballs in jars, as well as glorious flowers. I went to pick out my bouquet and nab a bottle of rum today, but they're open to the public from 8am tomorrow, you get flowers and rum for a £5 donation to charity until they run out! It's on the ground floor of Kingley court, just off Carnaby street.
For the more conventional amongst you, I thought I'd also recommend some of my favourite London florists- The Flower Appreciation Society are wonderful, run by the lovely Ellie and Anna.
I also love the look of Grace and Thorn's arrangements- especially this box of succulents, perfect for planting in your terrarium.
You may have noticed, I'm slightly obsessed with terrariums. I'm still waiting for Hermetica to launch their website properly, but I've also found some nice ones for cacti through A Rum Fellow.
And for those living south/west, there's the fairly new Battersea Flower Station.
My other half and I have just moved house, so we're feeling quite romantic as it's the first flat that's been 'ours' which is a nice feeling. There won't be any fancy dinners though as the kitchen is still in a state and we're too poor from paying movers to afford to eat out, so it'll probably be a takeaway and a movie, but you know what? That's really what we enjoy the most anyway.

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