Monday, 7 April 2014

Game of Thrones- 'Get the look'

Apologies for people who don't care about Game of Thrones, but the new series has inspired me to publish a post I actually started at the end of the last series. Sadly some of the dresses I wanted to link to are no longer for sale- this should teach me a lesson for being a lazy blogger.
Daenerys is basically my new style icon. Luckily for our generation, rather than having to try and replicate stuff we see on screen with tin foil and bedsheets, there is Etsy. You can get the necklace above here- it can be worn in both the different ways you see it in the show, plus two more variations.

I LOVED this dress. Have it made here.

Or you can often find similar, Game of Thrones stuff on the brilliant D&ME's site. Christ, it's spendy though. Maybe back to the bedsheets.

Having a dragon on your shoulder's got to be dead itchy. So you need to get yourself some good armour. It's also handy when people are trying to kill you all the time.

You can read my old interview with the costume designer for Game of Thrones here.
There are also some fantastic GoT inspired features out there at the moment- I especially enjoyed this Game of Thrones 'makeover' from The Guardian- get the wildling look!
Enjoy the new series.

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